Call in Pick Up Orders Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 8am. to 10 pm.

Seniors, persons with health conditions, and expecting mothers: We hope that you have a neighbor, friend, or family member to help with your shopping, but if you are in need we are implementing a call in, curbside pickup order line on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of April. We have set up a call in order line between the hours of 8 am. to 10am. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can call (563) 886-3629 give us your order over the phone and we will call you back when your order is ready with the dollar amount of your order. We are hoping orders will be ready for pick up between the hours of 1pm and 4 pm. We are asking that the order be $25 or more and just for those persons in real need. Many stores in the cities are experiencing three to four day wait times for pickups. We are hoping that we can balance the work load and keep same day pick up times.

We will have orange cones set up in front of the store with a lane for order pickup.

We are working with limited staff and this is new to us and have no idea what kind of response we will have so please bear with us. We have a phone line dedicated just for pick up orders so if it is busy please be patient and call back. Please do not call the published store number for pick up orders.

Order Times 8am. to 10am. Tuesday & Thursdays (563) 886-3629

If you still wish to shop yourself, we are suggesting Tuesday and Thursday 8 am. to 10 am.

If those hours do not work for you I would also suggest first thing in the morning or late evening, these usually are very low traffic times.